Wednesday, September 28, 2005

How to Utilise Your Brain to its full Explosive Potential.

We all know that our brain is the most underused muscle in the body. Opinions are divided but it is probably fair to say that we only employ about 5% of our brains capacity.

So what happens with the other 95%? There is a belief that this area is there to cope with the inevitable human evolution. Others state the some can tap into this 95% producing genius qualities or on the negative front – freak qualities!

This might go some way to explain, things like telepathy, second sight, telekinesis etc. Whatever the correct answer is, it is universally accepted that we don’t use enough of the grey matter.

The brain, or rather the mind works in two different ways. The conscious and sub concisions. The more interesting of the two is easily the sub conscious. Most leaders and successful people in the world attribute their success to hard work and a belief in their own abilities. This belief is firmly lodged in their sub conscious.

But what if you or I don’t possess that “Belief”? Are we doomed to failure? It is very possible. Things like depression and hypochondria are self fulfilling prophecies. They are firmly lodged in the mind of the sufferer and thinking about, and dwelling on the condition enhances the conditions’ grip on us.

We need to reprogram the mind to a more positive and goal orientated direction. This is easier than most might think. By using simple affirmations on a daily basis we can reprogram the sub conscious to work in our favour rather than against us.

Affirmations are simple positive belief statements which we repeat to ourselves. An example might be “I am a healthy, happy person!”

Do not underestimate the awesome power of believing in yourself. With belief you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

With the advent of personal computers and the internet it is now possible to purchase simple affirmation programs. These simple software programs sit on your computer and blast thousands of positive, life changing affirmations into your brain. The really neat thing is that, with the power of the PC, these affirmations can bypass the conscious mind and go straight to where they have the greatest effect – the sub conscious.

Check out some of these simple programs for yourself, and put the magical power of affirmations to work for you. You might be surprised at how quickly and effectively you can change your life for the better.

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